Makta Brand

MAKTA is Shanghai Superoll Bearing Company's high class trade mark .
About the difference of the class bearings from our normal one , we would like to make a brief as below :
1. The rings materails come from the best steel quality of Chinese steel factories --Bao Steel works , its cost is about 60% higher than normal steel ;

2. The steel balls inside bearings are imported from Japan , its class is Z6 (usually we supply Z2 class) ;

3.The seals are double-lip structure ;

4. All rings are double-grinded than normal class bearings and the tolerance can reach ABEC5 (usually we supply ABEC1 only) and noise class can reach Z5 (usually we supply Z2 only)

5. We use special grease which from Japan -- Kyodo Yushi . Its cost is about 15times than normal grease we supply . ( Kyodo SRL price is USD39/kg , normal grease is USD2.5/kg)

So usually MAKTA price is 40% higher than the normal class bearings . But comparing the same class bearings from Japan , Europe and USA , our MAKTA price is still quite low .

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